Meet The Team

The movers, the shakers, the magic makers...

Exceptional customer service can only come from exceptional teamwork and the culture it fosters. Proving the best damn high speed internet around is what we're focused on; so believe it when we say getting everyone to sit still long enough to draw their caricatures for this page was the most challenging things we've ever done.


Ashlee Rodriguez

Kaitlyn Beymer

Clayton Eason

Darko Petrovic

Darko Petrovic

Kamahri Berreman

Brady Chambers

Heather Chambers

Jebidiah Kramer

Dana Gomez

Joshua Peyeyra

Dominic Nelson

Bradley Thompson

Ty Eck

Sean Duff

Na Jheir George

Jason Nash

Michael Young

Masua Mutua

Rigi Ravera

Melanie McFalls

Mike Nelson

Noah Gomez

Garry Gomez

Dylan Cranmer