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We Give a Damn!

Privately owned and operated, we pride ourselves in treating our customers like friends (except that one customer ????). Based out of Reno, we’re local and understand the unique challenges that our fellow Nevadians face when it comes to finding the right provider. With a team of local hires, you can rest assured that the other person at the end of the line is a real person who actually cares (or is told to, at least).

For 17 years, we’ve grown our networks without the use of government subsidies or your tax dollars and yet have still managed to go international. Say goodbye to long wait/deployment times and say hello to a people company that actually gives a damn about you.

We’re your neighbors, after all!

Why "We Give a Damn"

The way we see it, the extra mile is where the magic happens. Our customers mean everything to us because we’re neighbors. We work together, we play together, our kids go to school together. This is why our techs will go through 4 ft of snow to get a tower back online.

This is why our techs are salaried, not paid by how many installs they do in a day. They don’t get paid to do it fast, they get paid to do it right. We go beyond the call of duty to make sure that you are getting the care you deserve…

  • We are NOT Spectrum
  • We have a sense of humor
  • We GIVE A DAMN about your customer experience
  • Our people are NICE
  • But most importantly...