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Sales FAQs

Skyfiber Service Installation Standard Procedures and Requirements

SkyFiber endeavors to provide the highest quality High Speed Internet Service ("Service") to each of its Customers.

As a condition of receiving Service via SkyFiber, Customer agrees to the following:

The Location of the antenna at the Premises of Service (Premises) will be determined by the availability of a line-of-sight to the transmitting/receiving antenna and satisfactory signal strength

SkyFiber Standard installation practice ("Standard Installation") includes mounting the antenna via a bent-arm bracket to the exterior of the building on the Premises. Standard installation includes affixing cable to the building exterior from the antenna location around the building exterior via the most efficient route, and through the exterior wall to the interior location nearest the Customer's network equipment. Standard installation includes SkyFiber standard attachment hardware to affix the antenna mount and cable to the exterior of the building on the Premises. Standard installation includes only configuring Customer's existing installed network hardware for Ethernet connectivity to SkyFiber Service. Any and all additional materials or labor required to complete installation of the Service are not included in Standard installation.

Upon assessment of the Premises to determine an installation plan, the installation technician will consult with the Customer regarding the required location of the antenna, most efficient route for the cable run to the interior of the Premises, and the method of attachment of the antenna and cable to the Premises. Should the installation fees ("Non-standard installation fees") in excess of the amount charged by SkyFiber for Standard installation will be incurred by the Customer.

Non-standard installation practices include, but are not limited to; running cable through an attic or crawlspace, running cable along a path other than the above referenced most efficient path, the use of special or non-standard attachment hardware to affix the antenna mount and cable to the Premises or mounting the antenna on a mast or other support device either attached to or separate from the Premises. The installation technician will advise the Customer of the Non-Standard installation practices and the cost for the installation technician to perform the same. If Customer agrees to Non-standard installation fees, Customer shall indicate his/her agreement to payment of the additional fees by signing the applicable space on the SkyFiber High Speed Internet Installation Agreement.

SkyFiber technicians are not permitted to perform work on a Customer's roof, dig trenches,climb poles or perform other laborious or hazardous work to facilitate installation. If the Premises of Service require a mounting location or method necessitating the aforementioned types of activity, such work must be performed by Customer or their representative, at Customer's sole cost.

In some cases, Customer's computer will require equipment or software installation, updates or reconfiguration to enable it to connect to Skyfiber Service. This may include network adapters, Windows Updates, and/or other software/hardware. Installation and configuration of these items must be performed by Customer's representative, at Customer's sole cost.

In all instances, the decision of the installation technician as to mounting location, method, materials, suitability, etc. is definitive. Customers shall have the opportunity to express opinions, requests and alternatives to the installation plan only during the initial consultation with the installation technician regarding the installation plan. In the case of a disagreement between the Customer and the installation technician , the Customer's sole option shall be to terminate the installation. Under SkyFiber policies, the installer has discretion in the circumstance of disagreement with the Customer to terminate the installation. In the case of termination of installation by either party, Customer agrees to pay labor charges at the rate of $65.00 per hour for the amount of time that the installation technician spent in furtherance of the terminated installation. There is a minimum ½ hour charge for labor costs ($32.50). If the installation is terminated by either party, and Customer desires and installation be performed at another time, there will be no credit given to the Customer for labor charges paid by the Customer for the terminated installation

Installation can be complete within two weeks. Under emergency circumstances we can install within 24 hours or less.

No. GigaCity Internet is a fixed wireless service, which is more reliable, faster and secure than a mobile solution. Additionally, unlike mobile solutions with shared bandwidth that can jam up due to congestion from other customers, your GigaCity Internet service is dedicated just to you, so you get guaranteed speed and performance that you can rely on.

No - long shot to outer space/latency sucks. We are a fixed based microwave; point to multipoint

No. You can safely continue to operate cell phones, wireless networks and portable radios without any interference from GigaCity Internet equipment. GigaCity Internet utilizes wireless equipment certified by the Federal Communications Commission for safety and interoperability.

Fixed wireless broadband is a proven technology for delivering high speed data utilizing a microwave (wireless) connection between two fixed points. GigaCity Internet owns and operates one of the largest fixed wireless networks. All IP traffic is transported over GigaCity Internet’s own fixed wireless, carrier-grade network utilizing high capacity microwave technology.

When you transmit data packets over the network, you expect to receive the packets in the same order and with the same timing intervals in which you sent them. Some providers are based on a “best effort” mechanism so your packet arrival timing will be out of sync and longer than it should be. This makes it impossible to run real time services. GigaCity Internet has engineered its network for very low jitter.

TRY... Just like a buffet, eat all you want, we'll make more. We will never throttle your connection based on data usage and we guarantee our speeds.

When an internet service provider offers “speeds up to” they are offering service on an oversubscribed network with unpredictable download speed and usually slow upload speeds. This is our standard burstable service, with the exception that our burstable speeds will never go below ½ the advertised speed. With our committed rate packages from GigaCity Internet, you have dedicated bandwidth that delivers the download and upload speeds you purchased.

QoS is important for businesses that utilize real time applications such as VoIP, VPN, streaming media and remote desktop services. QoS allows you to provide different priority to different applications and users, or to guarantee a certain level of performance to a data flow. By prioritizing certain data packets above others, businesses can improve the user experience as well as the efficiency of their broadband connection. Our GigaCity Internet Enterprise and GigaCity Internet Private Network services fully support QoS. If you have real time sensitive data requirements that you manage for your LAN, please complete our VoIP utilization form so that we can comply with your prioritization protocol.

Yes. GigaCity Internet business broadband is engineered to provide guaranteed speeds, scalable to GigE. Unlike cable and DSL, which are impacted by customers sharing bandwidth, consumer-driven applications and asymmetrical speeds, GigaCity Internet delivers business-grade broadband service with guaranteed symmetrical speeds that are designed to handle even your most robust business applications.

We use outdoor shielded networking cable CAT6. It is very important that the cable is outdoor rated otherwise the UV from the sun will ruin the cable within about a year of installation. Inside the home, any cat5 will work.

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for those listed below...

1. Senior citizens
2. Military
3. Non Profit businesses
4. Actual caveman/woman
5. Pay for the year upfront

Standing in front of the dish for long periods of time will kill birds. At least that is what we heard. But no this is not 5G. It’s based on the same wifi technology that most likely you have been using for years.

GigaCity Internet provides full duplex Ethernet which allows for sending and receiving packets simultaneously.

GigaCity Internet has an incredibly stable and reliable network with 99.99% uptime, which is equal to or better than fiber service. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you have an SLA that’s second to none, and a 30 Day Assurance Guarantee to back it up.

Not really, very minimal because it’s a shorter shot and the frequencies we use. Torrential downpours...probably.

Yes...mostly during the sales process

Absolutely. GigaCity Internet utilizes WPA2-AES Encrypted fixed wireless, a technology with a proven success history, based on overlaying multiple distinct layers of advanced security protocols to protect your information. GigaCity Internet has never had a breach in security.

As a broadband service provider, GigaCity Internet has control over the access and core network. Therefore, the SLA covers your connection until it reaches the first POP to the Internet.

No funny stuff. No taxes, fees, surcharges.

Kind of... point to multipoint shot and you’re sailing on fiber

A Wi-Fi Internet connection comes from a wireless router, which transmits data that has been received from a modem connected to an ISP. Wi-Fi extends connectivity wirelessly a very short range inside a room or small area using best-effort service. Wireless for mobile devices, is delivered by cell phone towers that transmit data via radio waves. These shared airwaves can become congested which leads to slower speeds, packet loss and sometimes lost connections. Fixed wireless is significantly faster, more reliable and more secure as it is a fixed connection. Your data is transmitted and received through a secure connection between a GigaCity Internet tower and a dish located on the top of your building. GigaCity Internet fixed wireless broadband is scalable up to GigE with guaranteed speeds, up and down.

1. Modems are not required as they are essentially built into the radio.
2. A WiFi router is required if you want wifi, you CAN just hardline into our POE and use a simple switch for multiple ports. We can sell you one or you can bring your own.

Yes. As a leading ISP for business-grade Internet service, we engineered our service for exceptional performance, so it will support your most robust business applications, including VoIP. With ≥99.99% uptime, and very low levels of latency, jitter and packet loss, plus fullQoS capability, our GigaCity Internet Enterprise is well suited for VoIP. If you use VoIP, please complete our VoIP utilization form so that we can comply with your prioritization protocol.

GigaCity Internet has a broadband industry leading SLA that is straightforward and on par with fiber SLAs. It also comes with a 30 Day Assurance Guarantee.

Support FAQs

The infamous spinning wheel telling me a video I was watching needs to buffer. Most of the Speed Packages at or above a 10Mbps connect will support a video stream on them. If they are not, there may be other devices on the property using up that bandwidth.

If a speed test is run on a device using WiFi this can invalidate the speed test results for a number of reasons. One being that wireless does not allow the full throughput as a wired connection and two being that other devices may be using bandwidth in the background even without you knowing about it.

We don't keep your password, that would not be safe. You will need to reset your wifi router.

Billing FAQs

1. Within 1st 30 days - full refund 2. Before contract term - 50% remaining contract value * Moving to unserviceable area * Complaints with service/can’t deliver speeds 5. Out of term - 30 day notice